Advertising and Ephemera

The Hokes have always been interested in not only the cars, but the historical context in which the cars were originally sold. As such, they have accumulated a large collection of steam car advertising and ephemera. Originally, much of it was catalogued on this website, but the breadth of material eventually led the Hokes to move the bulk of it elsewhere online: specifically, to their newly-founded Virtual Steam Car Museum. While some pieces of Stanley literature will continue to be available here, we advise you to update your primary advertising/ephemera links to the VSCM in order to take full advantage of the material on those servers.

As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, the VSCM's primary goal is accessibility-- to make these rare pieces of history available to any hobbyist or collector through cohesive, virtual exhibits. Not everyone has physical access to the documents, but thanks to VSCM, many people can at least experience them in some form and learn about the cars the pieces represent. VSCM is also dedicated to community outreach, loaning pieces out to museums across the country to accentuate their existing collections and exhibits. If you'd like to support the VSCM and its mission, tax-deductable donations can be made through Paypal here.

Of course, the Hokes are also still collecting for the VSCM in hopes of making it the most complete collection available!
If you or someone you know has Steam Car literature or ephemera for sale or exhibit loan, please contact us.



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