Flint Hills, KS

 May, 2010

Don and Carolyn took their modern car to Manhattan, Kansas for a weeklong visit.   Each morning, Carolyn set up the Vintage Steam Products tables, helping those who needed parts.   While she did that, Don walked around learning more and more about the cars.

Organizers put together a variety of day tours.  The tours introduced the Flint Hills part of Kansas to many of us who had never visited Kansas before – or at the least not this part of the beautiful state.

 While rain hindered some of the cars ability to make all of the trips, it didn’t stop everyone.  We ventured as far as Abilene, Kansas and as near at the city park where the community had a chance to learn more about steam cars.    For pictures and more information, visit www.prairiesteamers.com.

Carolyn had the opportunity to ride in the Whites as well as Stanleys while Don had an opportunity to drive a Stanley around the parking lot. 

We have been told we have to bring a working Stanley to the next tour.   We’re working on it.



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