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"Rebecca" is a lovely seven-passenger 1924 Model 750B Touring Car. Restored in the 1960s, she spent many years in an Idaho museum before finding her way to Oshkosh, WI, and then to Dallas, TX.

Rebecca toured very actively in 2006 and 2007 before her former owner "ran out of steam."

After some minor piping work this summer, Rebecca runs like a dream, easily holding 400+ pounds of pressure in her 24-inch boiler. With a modified propane pilot, the driver need never worry about losing the pilot while driving-- A quick flick of a switch ensures that it, and consequently the car, continues to steam along nicely.

Rebecca's fuel tank was sealed and her check valves have been re-seated.  Several valves have been re-seated and repacked.  She has a new boiler check valve and new piping on the top of the boiler.

Rebecca's water and fuel pumps work perfectly, easily maintaining the boiler water level and the fuel pressure at 100 psi.

Since we've had her on the road this summer, Rebecca has made quite an impression on the local Packard community. She tied for First Place in the heavily advertised "Race of the Century!" on August 21st, 2010, thus securing her place in Dallas Car Club Lore.

Lucky for Steam Car Aficionados, Rebecca is FOR SALE, at $74,900 OBO. She is an excellent example of a running condensing car, complete with a California Top, good tires, very presentable paint, leather upholstery, and modern propane pilot light.  Painted a beautiful, bright green, she is sure to attract attention on the street-- A perfect addition to any existing car collection or the perfect start to a new one!

Rebecca is ready to tour!

If you or someone you know is interested in owning Rebecca, please call us at 972-661-9672 or email us.  We'll be happy to send more information or pictures your way!


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Rebecca with full side curtains.  They are conveniently stored under the rear seat.



Rebecca's Serial Number.



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Rebecca's Name Plate on her Condenser.

Rebecca's Dashboard - note the 2006 Centennial of Speed Plaque.


Rebecca's Pilot.  Open the valve, flip the switch, and the pilot is on!

From Left to Right:  Hand Brake, Johnson Bar (Reverse & Hook Up), Brake Pedal, Hand Pump for Water & Fuel.


Hand pump for fuel and water at center, hand brake at far left, Johnson Bar for reverse and hook up at near right.


The Horn.

Leather Upholstery is in very good condition.

This is the worst of the upholstery.

Right side of boiler showing steam whistle valve, throttle, and steam pressure automatic.

Rebecca's Throttle.

Left side of Rebecca's boiler, showing water level automatic and oil trap at far right.


Rebecca's Burner.

Rebecca's Burner showing the spark plug starter for the propane pilot and the two venturies.  Fuel inlet is at the far right.

Rebecca's slotted burner is in excellent condition.  Note the barrel and the pilot.



Rebecca's water tank and engine.  Rebecca is a running steam car, so she shows the oil and grease that come with routine operation.

Rebecca's linkage for the brakes, forward/reverse, and hook up.

Rebecca's Generator showing the original mounting bracket and coupler coming from the top of the rear end.




Water Tank Drain Plug.


Access door for side pump pit access.  Propane tank for pilot mounted on running board.

Water Pump.


Water and fuel lines - Check valves have been re-seated.

Air pressure tank and cylinder oil tank under the front seats.


Under the front floor boards.

Air tank, cylinder oil tank, and water & fuel lines with check valves under the front seat.


Fuel pressure tank at upper left.  Note water pump and check valves at lower right.

The original fuel tank is seen in the back seat.  It was removed and a new fuel tank installed.

Rebecca also comes with an original Stanley Burner.

This is Rebecca's existing fuel tank.  Here it is being dried out for 48 hours with a hair dryer prior to being coated with a tank sealing agent.


Rebecca's Hood.