Saratoga Springs, NY

June, 2009

Upstate New York proved the perfect setting for a week of steam car adventuring!  Mark and Lisa Cantor put together a fun week for all of us.  The Hokes joined a large group of steam car owners for an enjoyable week exploring Saratoga Springs and its surroundings.  From tours around town to a day trip to the Howe caverns, an excursion on a steamboat around the bay, and a series of museum events, we found many residents and tourists alike wanting to know more about our vehicles and the hobby.  The only downside was a burst of rain that shortened our line-up of the various cars by the auto museum.  

While Don ran around working with the Stanley Museum Board on various and sundry things, Carolyn managed the Vintage Steam Car inventory and CJ buzzed around the parking lot, hoping to soak up as much as she could about how Stanleys operate from the experts.  This trip actually marked CJs first year to actually drive a Stanley, thanks to the brave tutelage of David Nergaard. There's a lot to consider when driving something with a "steering radius measured in rods!" This experience earned her "Honorable Mention" for the Young Driver's Award and helped her prod her father into finally getting a car (the Richmond SV) running back in Texas upon their return home. Without a doubt, a great time was had by all!



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