The BettyAnne

The BettyAnne is a 1925 SV Model 252G, a heavy sedan with a whole lot of heart. She's our inaugural Stanley, the very first symptom of Don's burgeoning steam car disease. Coming out of Annandale, NJ, in 2005 she had been sitting in a barn for around fifty years before making the long trek to Texas.

Currently, she's undergoing a complete frame-down restoration, and we hope to have her up and steaming again sometime soon!

Have you seen these missing parts? Between the time we visited the car in Annendale before the auction and the time we picked it up, they somehow snuck away... If you know where any of them are, we'll be happy to offer a cash reward for their return. Anything to keep the car as original as possible!

For more of the car's history, visit her History Page!
To keep tabs on our restoration efforts, visit the Restoration Page!
Watch her engine move here!  That engine is back in the car as of 9/6/10.



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