Who Are We?


We are the Hokes!

Five years ago, the Hoke Family set off on an exciting new expedition into the uncharted realms of Antique Automobiles. Since then, they have become the proud owners of 4.5 Stanley Steam Cars, of which 2 are now running.



You may know them as "the people who bought Art's Business," as the family of the former
Stanley Museum director, as the creative team behind the new
Virtual Steam Car Museum, or as the hitchhikers on myriad car tours.

But beyond that, who are these people? How did they get interested in early automobiles? Why do they keep showing up at Steam Tours without a car?

Hopefully, some of your questions will be answered here or on the FAQ page!

Looking for scans of Stanley (or other steam car) advertisements and ephemera? Click here!

Looking for a Steam Car to purchase?
here for information about our Model 750B, shown running here!

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