Carolyn N. Hoke:

"Steamin' Carolyn"


Mom grew up in the Chicago area.  After undergraduate studies at Beloit College, she earned a Masters Degree and later her MBA.    She met Don at their 10th year reunion at Beloit.  They had not met (that they could remember) while they were students.   A year later they were married.   Carolyn moved to Wisconsin from the east coast where she had been a purchasing professional for several consumer goods businesses in New Jersey and Connecticut.  During their years in Appleton, she was a purchasing manager for a paper machine construction project and ran the alumni office for a local college.  Currently she is on the staff of an independent girls school in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to her day job, she makes sure that customers of Vintage Steam Products get the products they need in a timely fashion.  One of her jobs is to make sure that Don gets her the parts she needs to meet demand.   She also enjoys sitting in the back of Rebecca while Don drives and CJ instructs.

She looks forward to seeing steam car enthusiasts at various steam tours and the annual AACA meet in Hershey.


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